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A confluence of all the arts.

This Group was started June 7th 2002 with the vision of multitalented artists sharing all they do and all they have interest in. My observation has always been that whatever realm of art an artist excels in, the other arts are still very prevalent in their lives.


Painters that also love to write, writers that desire to paint. Most all the Confluence members are musicians and or singers. Most write, or attempt to write. This group covers all mediums in sharing of works.


There are no rules nor restrictions on subject matter or rules on the spontaneous e-mails. We are there to inspire and be inspired, to smile and give smiles, to led and be lead. This group has spontaneous “challenges” to write or photograph, or to be challenged to create works from a theme. We promote each other and have found that “spark” of kindred that is very hard to establish.

The core group started with 10 members, with many added and many to come.

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