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Sher at a very early age found solitude in a box of Crayola Crayons and sheets of white paper. Born an only child in Dayton Ohio and raised in Columbus and Jackson Ohio she became a professional artist at an early age. Selling art to teachers who needed graphics, portrait work and creative ideas for class room projects and the like.       



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Through middle school she maintained heavy schedule of art classes and drama. All the while looking for any excuse to paint and draw. As she moved into High School she found that her art was a way of self expression and a whole new world opened for her as she found others really valued her work. Participating in local, regional art shows, fairs and always winning first prize at many of the realms of art. From oil painting, acrylics, pencil, charcoal and pastels.


She found great pleasure in her works but was amazed that others did too. Sher experimented with all to the point of perfection not only in technique but in a way of self expression to tell her story. Every piece of art she did told something about her and her thoughts, look deeply into the eyes of many of her pieces and you will feel, you will touch, you will see.

Sher quickly found in the shades of Gray and the contrast of Black and White true color. For in these shades the kaleidoscope of color is explosive off the page. As a gypsy artist, she would try anything that involved art. Wall murals, semi truck and trailer designs, t-shirt art, craft projects, designing cards, interior design, magazine advertising design, cartoons, commission work to even painting sulky horse buggy’s and helmets. Sher also went through the trials and tribulations of dealing with galleries to get her work exposed. While the galleries had quite a success she realized very few rewards from this endeavor.


While taking time off from her art to raise a family of two children, one boy and one girl, in an undenying and most loving way and to support her husband’s career. She was never far from art. She learned the use of 35mm photography and even participating in "Artists in Schools" programs.


In 1999 Sher made the decision to return back to her love of art and the need she had to express herself. This time it would be different, for the age of computers were here, the internet and other artists to communicate with, share ideas and grow. Explosions happened and I am sure were heard around the world. Sher started pounding out art for one reason… Her love of art to create, inspire and touch other artists. She began to write, paint, draw, read and study everything she could get her hands on. She worked 16 to 20 hours a day until she would crash and start again in 4 to 6 hours. She participated in art groups shared art and words of wisdom with thousands. She even started her own art group. Hand picking each artist from all realms of art. Sculptors, Painters, Poets, Pencil Artists, Photographers, Singers, Song Writers, Web Designers and creative minds. She had a plan. She wanted to build the first real gallery, of on-line artists, where all work could be seen without the collision of gallery business and art.


A true artist gallery by artists for artists. Her opening was to be in late fall of 2005 and the Grand Opening in the spring of 2006. Sher died at the age of 49 in October of 2005, weeks before her opening.

It is with dream and spirit I continue for that unfinished goal, for love conquerors all, between now and forever…

Under tree…

Jeff Richardson


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