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Dove in A Storm




I was born upon the wind
watching rainbows arc and bend
touching clouds float and form
soaring deep inside heavens storm...


But the wind died quietly, one dark daygliding back to earth I packed my wings awaylooking up at sky and flaming sunrecalling when the wind and I were one...


Perhaps I died a little with the wind
now with dust and dirt I walk and blend my wings a relic of soaring sound craving clouds but feet anchored to ground...


If someday I pass through heavens door may I be born again upon the wind... and soar...


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My Valley

In my valley lit with suns golden ray 
I sit and while my time away 
Watching the grass bend and weep 
Feeling streams current run swift and deep 
Gliding my fingers in waters calm flow 
Wishing to stay..never to go 
In my valley cooled by whispering breeze 
Shading myself below elegant trees 
On my eyes shadow and ray tease and dance 
Feeling sun play through leaf and branch 
I exhale my darkness, unchain weight unseen 
Open my heart to the welcome serene 
Being one with myself, the earth and the sky 
What purpose my valley is not mine to ask why 
In my valley etched so deep in my spirit 
It echoes from time to time for I hear it 
Inviting me back to release and renew 
To absorb and evolve in its color and hue 
Perhaps to shed life's discomfort from me 
And find as my valley, the beauty to just be


A Walk To Waters Edge

I watch the ocean

tide and wave

Walk to waters edge

reflecting the gifts she gave

Remembering times, remembering when

Knowing no earthly ships

will bring her back again…


Moon mirrors on water top

For flow and movement

will never stop

A birth, a death

An everlasting flame

With her exquisite touch

We shall never be the same…


Burning deep within our spirit

her gifts reside

and if we listen closely

We shall always hear it…


I watch the sea

churn and mourn

for those left behind,

hearts sorrowed and torn

But the Lord is smiling

As she smiles before His eyes,

Beholding what we do with her gifts

Our blessings in disguise…



I will stroke your scars of life

and replace it with constant bliss

I will place forever upon your lips

with just a momentary kiss


I will block the reeling sun

and cool you with my shade

And warm you from the chill

when daylight begins to fade


Snow Storms


Just a little white

to fall on your nose

to melt on your tongue.


Just a little white smile

to brighten your day

to lodge in your heart.


One last little white storm

lonely and unforgiven

understanding why.


White perfection

I saw it

I touched it

but it melted in my hand.


this one smile, white and pure,

I give to only,





The flame of experiment is the spark of true creativity.

There is a formula to almost perfection.

It entails wisdom, a pure heart and instinct.

....Breathe for me


Thaw my frozen eyes

take up my space

fill my size

breathe for me...just for a little while

re-teach me how to smile

slip your feet inside my shoes

read my choices

and then 'you' choose


Let your song pass-

between my forgotten lips

give me courage to touch the flame

and melt these fingertips

Trace my body back alive

convince me to awaken,

and survive


....for I am just the mist dancing on the floor

wishing to drift away,

beneath the lapse of loves door....




Enigmatic Eye’s


I live behind my eyes

the world my mirror

when you look at me

I see myself, so much clearer

my ugliness, my beauty

my flaws in direction

all that I am


inside your eyes

my reflection...


Your eyes speak to me

I shall follow

blindly with eyes wide open

dreamily with eyes wide shut

I will drown

and I will swim willingly

into you...


Eyes... reflect or reveal, punish or heal,

see in kind, or perhaps grow blind......

or simply, just see.


I opened my eyes to the world and feared

I closed my eyes and the world disappeared

But the world lingered along with my fears

Behind my eyes, inside my tears...




...I will never forget


At times when the moon is full and bright

and the air is liquid and cool, like it is tonight

I ask, will I be your memory of regret

Are you the one I will never forget


Years from now, will we each feel a tear fall

Remembering a moment so painful to recall

Watching you and you watching me, walk away

Wondering, what would it be like if we could just stay


Knowing this love is the kind I will never recover from

Would you see me in the storms, would I feel you in the sun

Remembering smiles on each others face

Wondering if we were so easily forgotten, or to replace

Knowing life is passion, but in chess you cannot have a heart

And the placement of the pieces, would always keep us apart


At times when the moon is full and bright

All the answers to my questions flow in the air of night

Knowing you will never be mine, and I won’t ever try

Seeing the past and the future,

were always written with good-bye...




First Last&Always...


Moment perfect

she was the one standing by the music

eyes closed dreaming in her party dress

swaying to her own song

she didn't know if anyone else was there

~her moment perfect~

falling confetti was her bluest rain

drifting balloons were her Paris doves

and the rooms warm air, her Egyptian breeze...

she was the one dancing alone

in her gray satin dress

smiling radiant, wistful eyes dark

sad music humming

~her moment perfect~

when she felt a voice whisper

in her ear in her mind

when she felt a heartbeat

not her own just a tear...

she was the one standing

in the upstairs left-hand window

watching the world play at their party

smiling sweetly

behind her glassing the tower

in the music wrapped in silence

heart of magic mind of mayhem

wanting to be painted

on his mind in his heart

knowing ends of stories

happy everafters

~ends of moments perfect~

she always wanted more

than was ever offered

but she never asked

she was the one.... always standing by the music...


My Last Storm

my last storm
perfect in color and reflection
imperfect in its direction
what is taught and learned
from furious storm
burst of glorious power burned
strength and ecstasy combined
unparalleled and unequaled
allow my thunder to scream through you
my lightening spark you from pike to peak
open your heart
hear my rain speak
the message in tandem time
the drops falling in desired rhyme
my last storm
will fall me within its power
gentle me in its tempest shower
and fill my eyes with demons fear
wild wind whispering...
" this storm will linger
inside you,
its wreckage sincere


the maybe angel


She was the entertainment, the bon vivant

the flaming cherries at the fancy restaurant

surrounded by people, surrounded by one

she might close her eyes lonely

as her day was done

She was the glue that held the dam

a duct tape princess repairing each sham

walking high wires with a spider webbed net

the maybe -angel who couldn’t forget

She was the giggling slippery down everyone’s slide

twinkle filled eyes filled with passion and pride

walking on water barefoot upon each sea

uncapping the jar to let all the fireflies free

just the entertainment on an empire of dirt

but in the skies of happy, she often flew hurt…



Window of Wait…


"I will wait", she said

For your return or your arrival.

"I will wait"

for the moon, for falling stars.

I will wait for white memories.

For I have faith...

For I am child...

I believe in things not seen.

things not heard.

I believe the wind will always whisper.

That the rain shall always tumble

and that storms are the passion of life.

I know that its not what I wait for

that defines me....

but how I wait.

I beg let me wait.

Say no words to convince me,

that what I believe in is not true...

And forever shall I wait, for you...



I am resolute in the rain

reconciling with yesterdays prophecy

a defendant of destiny

ambitiously chasing tails of comets..

always naked, I will look and reach up...

eyes always focusing on the rings of Saturn

digesting the nectars of wisdom

written in epigrams on gray clouds


such meekness I have, never to see ugliness

for it truly doesn't exist

perfection hidden so well in the imperfect

mercy residing inside the beloved

divine inspirations in the temptation of pleasure

...and I will continue to meander endlessly

through thoughts and monuments of memory